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..."Just a little closer," Marcie murmured, getting a hold of her best friend's legs and hoisting them onto her own shoulder. "Ah yes, the perfect shot!" she said as she zoomed the camera in on that sexy moist cunt.

Rita wasn't blind to the state her friend was getting into, and her own success at driving someone wild with her naked body was making a heady concoction in her already dirty mind. Smiling sexily at her blonde friend, she sat up, pushing Marcie down onto the bed. "I can think of an even better one…" she smiled, getting to her feet and standing with a foot on either side of her friend's head. "Snap away at that snatch!"

"V-very nice!" Marcie was practically gasping now, staring up at her friend's gorgeous young pussy, watching as a drop of girljuice slowly gathered on Rita's pussy lip, then watching helplessly as it finally got too heavy and dripped down onto her own virginally white t-shirt.

"Yeah, very nice," Rita cooed, looking down at the panting blonde and feeling a rush in her pussy, "and I bet you could do as nice if you tried, honey. I think its time for you to face the camera…."

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